Welcome to the Course Guide for the Amateur Station Licence Examination.

The Guide has been designed by the Irish Radio Transmitters Society to assist individuals prepare for the exam and also to act as a template for those organising classes.

If you are an individual using this as a home study guide, know that every year many candidates pass the examination and a significant proportion of these will have studied at home and come from a non-technical background.  Certainly some aspects of the syllabus are technical, but if you find yourself struggling, move on to another module, and return to the subject later.  Remember, you are not expected to score 100% in the examination.

Exam candidates who feel they could benefit from assistance with any aspect of the syllabus are invited to contact the IRTS Secretary, who will try to put them in touch with a radio club in their area that may be able to help.

For those of you intending to organise classes, the Course Guide will provide you with the confidence and all the technical support that you will require.  More information on running courses is available under Instructor Notes.

Radio and communications are a ‘still developing’ science and obtaining your licence is the key to unlocking the secrets of this exciting world.  The hours spent studying for this exam will be rewarded by many years of fun, fascination and good friends.

Hope to hear you on the bands soon!