Amateur Radio

Amateur Station Licence Exam

The exam is based on the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate (HAREC) syllabus.  The Irish syllabus is designed to ensure that candidates can demonstrate proficiency in the technical and operational aspects of amateur radio as well as the regulations governing the amateur radio service in Ireland.

Exam paper

The paper is a multiple choice question paper with 60 questions and the time allowed is 2 hours.  Four possible answers are shown for each question, only one of which is correct.  Candidates must decide which of the options is correct and place a tick in the appropriate box on the answer sheet.  There may be other possible answers to some questions; however, the choice of the correct answer from the options given is required.

The pass mark is 60% and a pass is required in each of the two main sections of the paper Section A and Section B.  Negative marking is not used in the examination.

The two main sections of the paper are:

Section A – Amateur Radio Regulations and Related Topics (30 Questions) : Pass Mark 60%

  • Licensing Conditions
  • Operating Rules and Procedures
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Transmitter Interference
  • Safety

Section B – Amateur Radio Theory and Related Topics (30 Questions) : Pass Mark 60%

  • Electrical and Electronic Principles including Components and Circuits
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • Feeders and Antennas
  • Propagation
  • Measurements

See Applying for an Exam for information on exam dates.


The HAREC syllabus was devised by the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations – CEPT.  
Holders of the HAREC qualification are entitled to apply for an Amateur Station Licence in Ireland (and in many other countries).

Study Material

The IRTS Course Guide covers the topics included in the exam Syllabus: while we cannot guarantee that every question asked in an exam is dealt with comprehensively in the Course Guide, we are confident that a candidate who is familiar with the material in the Couse Guide should have no difficulty passing the exam.

In addition to the Course Guide, we suggest that candidates and tutors should obtain a copy of Studying for the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate, available on the IRTS Downloads page.  This document contains …

  1. The exam syllabus – essential reading!  As well as outlining the topics to be covered in the exam, the syllabus includes …

  • Notes for candidates – designed to assist candidates and their teachers with their work in preparing for the exam by suggesting certain areas worth focusing on

  • Four pages of Annexes – containing key information very relevant to the exam questions

  1. Sample paper – a useful guide to how the questions are presented in the exam

  2. Examination Reports – these reports, published by the Examinations Board, include observations and advice that should be of assistance to anyone studying for the exam

We also suggest that candidates look at some of the material in the links on the IRTS Radio Theory Links page.