Instructor Notes

This Course Guide will provide you with a template around which to build your course.  The Guide follows the format of the Amateur Station Licence Examination Syllabus and covers all the subjects set out therein.  It is envisaged that local radio clubs will base their exam course on a two-term programme of classes, ranging from 16 to 20 weeks.

As it is not possible to cover the entire syllabus in a two-term programme, students will be expected to undertake some home study.  In particular, those elements of the course that are non-technical, such as rules and regulations, national and international, should substantially be left to the student to learn by reading at home, while technical sections may have to be spread over two or three classes.

You, as the instructor, will decide in what order to address the sections and sub-sections.  Do not feel constrained to adopt the order set out.  This is simply the order in the examination syllabus.  Students will find the early ‘theory’ modules rather ‘dry’ and it would seem sensible to start your course with something more practical, such as Antennas and Propagation.

You might, perhaps, divide your weekly class into segments, mixing the theory with the practice, showing how one is relevant to the other.  A little bit of ‘practical application’ at the end of a class, such as hearing the effect of an ATU on ‘receive’ signals or how switching in different filters on the receiver affects readability, will have the students leaving on a positive note, understanding how the theory transfers into practice, and ready and eager for the next week’s subject.

Clubs might consider allocating areas of the course to different instructors.  This has the combined effect of making it easier to find volunteers and providing the students with some variety.  In this scenario it is useful to have a Course Manager to co-ordinate the various instructors and provide continuity.

Set out your programme at the start of the course and stay with it as closely as possible.  Perhaps arrange some personal tuition from another club member if there is somebody who is having particular problems, rather than delay the whole class.

Be positive and upbeat with the class.  Remind them continually that the odds are in their favor, two-thirds of all those who sit the exam will pass.  Should you wish to print individual pages you can use the browser’s print facility.